The 2014/15 M Literary Residency Programme in China and India.

The M Literary Residency Programme has been established to disseminate a broader knowledge of contemporary life and writing in India and China today and to foster deeper intellectual, cultural and artistic links across individuals and communities.

The intent of the Residency is to provide space and time primarily for writing and location-specific research. It is not to be used as base for travel in order to undertake research further afield

Applicants may apply for ONE of two M Literary Residencies:

Bangalore, India

A 10 week residency at Sangam House, in a rural setting near Bangalore, South India from late 2014 to early 2015.

Shanghai, China
A 10-12 week residency in Shanghai. The residency must be taken up before March 1st, 2015.

•The applicant doesnot need to be a published author-unpublished writers are welcome to apply.

•There are no nationality restrictions for applications. However, applicants should be over 21 years old and be writing in English.

•Applications will be accepted in the following genres only:


•dramatic prose
•Past applicants are welcome to reapply.

Conditions of Entry

1.Participation in two (2) events:

The M Literary Residency aims to encourageinteraction between talented artists and local communities and to foster an interest in the arts within the local communities of the host countries. The successful candidate must agree to participate in at least two events within the local community during their stay. This could be a talk or workshop at a school, college or at M’s Literary Salon (for Shanghai residents). Details will be worked out between the fellow and M Residency staff.

2.Remaining in Residence:
It is expected that fellows will remain in residence throughout the three-month fellowship. Fellows must notify M Residency staff at the earliest opportunity if they expect to have to leave the residency for a period of more than one week. The residency is not a basis from which to travel.

3. It is a condition of entry that applicants agree to these terms by marking the relevant box on the Application Form. Funding
• The successful applicants will have his/her transportation costs to and from the residencies covered by the M Residency
•The successful applicants will receive a total stipend of US$1,000 to cover additional living costs during their stay.

• Applicants are responsible for their own travel and/or medical insurance and travel visas.


Applications must be submitted by SATURDAY 1 JUNE 2013 AT MIDNIGHT CHINA TIME. No late applications will be considered. Your application should include:

  1. A completed M Residency Programme Application Form
  2. One of the following Proofs of Identification: copy of passport, driving license or ID card (format: jpeg/pdf & less than 10mb)
  3. Project Synopsis and Statement of Intent: The Synopsis should detail the project that you intend to work on during the residency. The Statement of Intent should detail how and why the location will benefit your project, and how the residency itself will be of benefit to you. Combined word count, MUST NOT exceed 1,500 words.
  4. Support Materials: Please submit TWO samples of work in the genre of your chosen project for the residency: short stories, essays, an extract from a novel or play. The total word count of the two pieces combined MUST NOT exceed 2,500 words.
  5. Two Referees, including their contact details, to whom the Residency Administrator may write to. The referee does not need to work in a literary capacity but needs to know the candidate well.

Important Notes:

1.Applications may only be submitted electronically.

2.A broad group of people read the applications and your anonymity is assured during the review process. Therefore applicants’ names must not appear on samples, synopses or statements of intent.

Applicants who fail to submit according to this rule will be at a disadvantage.

3.The residency judges and administrators will not enter into any private correspondence with applicants nor will they be able to offer any specific feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Submission Applications should be emailed to the Residency Administrator at

[email protected].

We will acknowledge your application within two working days of receiving it with a confirmation email and an application number. You should keep this email –it is your proof that your application was received on the date you sent it.

If you want to withdraw your application after you’ve submitted it, please notify Residency Administrator by email.

Results will be announced on the M Literary Residency website:


on Tuesday,15 October, 2013. Applicants will also be notified by email.



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