Tuition Free Sie Fellowship at the University of Denver.

 Deadline: January 15 2014

The Sié Fellows program is administered by the Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy at the Korbel School. It is built on the recognition that national and international leadership will be an essential element in the world’s efforts to resolve the international challenges of this new century.

The Sié Fellowship is a two-year, free-tuition scholarship to the Korbel School of International Studies awarded each year to ten outstanding master’s degree-seeking students from the U.S. and abroad. The fellowship is highly selective and is granted to applicants that have superior academic credentials and significant work experience in the field.

Sié Fellows are given a number of opportunities through each academic year to meet personally with the high-ranking figures that visit Korbel. This has included meetings with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright  speakers that present in the Public Diplomacy Speaker Series, and many more.

The duration of the scholarship awarded to Sié Fellows is two academic years, with reallocation for the second year contingent upon satisfactory academic performance (3.25 GPA or higher).

ll completed applications to the master’s program at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies are considered for the Sié Fellowship. Past academic performance, employment history, recommendations from professors and employers, and professional promise will be evaluated. Those who are deemed most qualified will be contacted by the Admissions Office and may be asked to provide additional information or be available for an interview.

Applicants who wish to be considered for the Sié Fellowship are encouraged to submit their materials by the January 15th application deadline. Information on how to apply to the Korbel School of International Studies can be found at Korbel admissions.

Please send questions about the Sié Fellowship or about the application process to Korbel Admissions [email protected].

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Sie Fellowship at the University of Denver




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