Turkiye Scholarships 2016/2017 for International Researchers to study in Turkey

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Türkiye Scholarships has launched Research Fellowship Programme with an aim to encourage international researchers and academics to work with Turkish academics on collaborative researches in Turkey and contribute to the development of the international scientific interaction between researchers.


Research proposals that has been conducted previously by the applicant or the advisor will not be accepted.

Research areas are limited to social sciences and humanities subjects announced by Türkiye Scholarships and applicants are required to state the specific research topic in the application.


Phd holders or PhD candidates who are citizens of countries other than Turkey may apply to the Research Fellowship Programme.

Candidates must have completed their PhD studies or be at the dissertation stage.

Also, it is essential that candidates have an official Acceptance / Invitation Letter from a university in Turkey for research.

(To have an Acceptance / Invitation Letter, researchers should contact the universities individually)

Other requirements are as follows:
– Being under 45 years old as of application date (preferably),
-For PhD students, being enrolled at a university doctoral program abroad and being at the dissertation stage,
-Having a PhD diploma for PhD holders,
-Certifying the language proficiency required for the research.
IF personal data will be collected with the methods such as experiment, survey, focus group discussion, practice, having the “Ethics Committee Approval Certificate” from the Ethics Committee of the university;
IF a study will be carried out on historical monuments and archeological sites with non-public information, documents from institutions and organizations, having “Legal Permit” taken from a related governmental institution,

Monthly grant for the year 2016 is 2.500 TL (almost 1.000$). Fellowship does not include costs such as accommodation, insurance and tuition fee. If deemed appropriate by Research Fellowship Evaluation Committee, researcher’s academic activities (conferences, panels, symposiums, survey, field research, etc.) may be supported.

• Applications will be evaluated by Research Fellowship Evaluation Committee.
• Research Fellowship Programme is for a  maximum of 12 months.
• Researchers conduct their researches under the guidance of an academic advisor from the Turkish university which candidates receive Acceptance / Invitation Letter.
• Grants will only be paid for the months the researchers stay in Turkey during the research period.
• Researches are tracked with reports that researchers prepare periodically and are evaluated by Research Fellowship Evaluation Committee.
• Researchers have to submit Final Report to Türkiye Scholarships Office at the end of their studies.

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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Turkiye Scholarships 2016/2017 for International Researchers


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