Call for Applications: UNMGCY Humanitarian Affairs Working Group as Regional Focal Point

Application Deadline: December 3rd 2017

Calling experienced youth to join UNMGCY Humanitarian Affairs Working Group (HAS).

The UN MGCY, is the United Nations General Assembly mandated, official, formal and self organised space for children and youth to contribute to, and engage in, certain intergovernmental and allied policy processes at the United Nations.

The HAS working group participates in the post World Humanitarian Summit Compact for young people in humanitarian settings and ECOSOC HAS processes using Advocacy, Knowledge, Policy engagement and youth action as key areas of work.

UNMGCY are inviting youth from Pacific, South and Central Asia, Western Europe and North America, South and Eastern Africa, Latin America and Caribbean and Middle East and North Africa to join our working group as Regional Focal Points.

Regional Focal Points


  • Facilitate developing a work plan for the region of the WG in line with “Policy Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Accountability” framework along the four areas of work;
  • Facilitating the participation and preparation of formal inputs (statements, papers,

reports, etc) related to the regional elements of their respective process and

engagement avenues in coordination with the working group coordination team, the

working group, the UN MGCY coordination team and the assembly, and where

appropriate, with other stakeholders, as per the process and procedures document;

  • Conduct outreach with relevant children and youth entities in the region, with the help of the regional caucus and according to the outreach strategy, to inform them of the engagement, and invite them to join in and share relevant materials;
  • Coordinate regular and timely regional WG calls;
  • Attend the monthly WG call, provide updates on activities taking place in the region, and promote engagement opportunities for the members to take part in.

Criteria of Applicants

In addition to the criteria elaborated in the table above, the candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an active member entity of the UN MGCY or an active CYI member where CYI is the nominating entity;
  • Must be able to commit to the roles and responsibilities of the respective Focal Point positions as outlined above;
  • If nominated by CYI, the person cannot be holding another mandated position. A

member entity can however hold multiple focal point positions.

Governance and Oversight

  • Are in their work being overseen by the Global Focal Points, who step in if the

functioning of the RFPs is impaired. In such a case their first action would be to remind the RFPs of their role and responsibilities. If the mandate and responsibilities of the RFP are not observed and executed properly, GFPs can then temporarily take over the communication and role of RFPs and, as a last step, call for selection of new Focal Points;

  • Contributing to a monthly newsletter and update to the WG and GFPs on the regional activities;
  • Report on the implementation of the work plan;
  • Adhering to the UN MGCY’s Processes and Procedures.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNMGCY Humanitarian Affairs Working Group as Regional Focal Point


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