2014 UN BIG DATA CLIMATE CHALLENGE (All Expense paid trip to the UN Headquarters)


Submission Deadline: June 30 2014


UN Global Pulse and the Secretary General’s Climate Change Support Team are hosting the Big Data Climate Challenge to bring forward data-driven evidence of the economic dimensions of climate change. The Big Data Climate Challenge is an initiative of the Secretary-General’s Climate Summit to be held in September 2014.


There is a need for fresh evidence that strengthens the economic case for action on climate change to show where such action is feasible, affordable and effective. The 2014 Climate Summit represents a turning point from climate change awareness to action. Therefore the Big Data Climate Challenge calls upon the international academic, scientific, technology and policy communities to highlight data-driven evidence to drive climate action.
The Big Data Climate Challenge will source projects from around the world that use Big Data and analytics to address real world impacts of climate change. This initiative will help build public understanding of how Big Data can reveal critical insights for strengthening resilience and mitigating emissions.


Applications are encouraged from  multidisciplinary initiatives from all relevant fields to apply to the Big Data Climate Challenge. This includes but is not limited to: energy, smart cities, transportation, natural resource management, agriculture and food systems, ecology, complex systems, green data centers, recycling, material sciences, climate risk management, disaster risk reduction and resilience, architecture and design, behavioral science, climate finance, and economic drivers such as carbon markets and subsidies.
  • Any climate-related project.


UN BIG DATA CLIMATE CHALLENGE  is seeking recently implemented or published projects and initiatives that use Big Data and analytics to show the economic implications of climate impact and opportunities to manage climate risks.
  • Winners will be flown to the United Nations Climate Summit in September 2014, with the winning projects featured at the 2014 Climate Summit at United Nations Headquarters in New York.
  • Qualified submissions deemed relevant by the Technical Advisory Board will be shared globally through  UN and Climate Summit media and broad public outreach.

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