2015 IPPFAR YAM Action Fund for Sexual Reproductive Health Projects for Africa’s Youth (5.000 USD $

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 15 April 2015.

  • *Are you passionate about youth?
    *Are you willing to do something practical about the sexual and reproductive health of African youth?
    *Do you have an innovative idea that you are sure would ignite change among Africa’s reproductive health? Something creative, something extraordinary and which you believe would see Africa’s youth live better lives? Do you really strongly believe in your idea?
    *Are you ready to work with other like-minded individuals to bring about change to Africa’s youth?
    *Are you willing to submit your idea and receive funding for it?

If you answered Yes! to any or all the above, then you will be pleased to know that there is an exciting opportunity for you from IPPF Africa Region!

The Youth Action Movement (YAM) is the youth arm of IPPFAR volunteer’s body based within the Member Associations (MAs) that catalyze Youth participation.

The Youth Action Fund sponsors innovative projects developed, implemented and managed by young people that promote young people’s sexual and reproductive rights, youth leadership and participation.



  • The IPPF are looking for projects that showcase the great potential of Africa’s youth to address the daily challenges they face with regard to their sexual and reproduction health and rights.

Award Grant

  • Each YAM can apply for a maximum of 5.000 USD $.


How to Apply:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IPPFAR YAM Action Fund for Sexual Reproductive Health Projects







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