2015 Earth Journalism Grants Fund for Organizations Reporting the human dimensions of climate change ($50,000 USD )

Application Deadline: May 15, 2015.

The Earth Journalism Grants Fund is available to support the creation, growth, and capacity of journalism organizations focused on reporting the human dimensions of climate change.

Those most vulnerable to climate impacts —often women, youth, and indigenous communities — typically have the least influence on how respond to climate risks.  Despite bearing the least responsibility for the conditions accelerating climate change, vulnerable and under-represented populations are often the people with the most at stake.

This grant opportunity represents a challenge to journalists throughout the world to facilitate a responsive information ecosystem that more accurately and holistically reflects environmental challenges facing people across the planet.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Earth Journalism Grants fund is designed to support the establishment of environmental journalism networks in countries where they don’t exist, and build their capacity where they do.
  • Applicants should note their affiliations with existing media organizations or provide detailed plans about how this project would facilitate the creation of a new organization.
  • As Internews is strictly a media development organization, please avoid any applications rooted in advocacy or political campaigning.

Grant Worth:

  • This grant fund contains $50,000 USD and ideally will be allocated to 5 projects. While the average for each grant is approximately $10,000 USD, internews can provide funding over the average for projects that demonstrates a critical need.



  • Grantees are expected to give their full cooperation in monitoring and evaluating the results of the projects, and are encouraged to submit their own monitoring and evaluation plan along with their application. The final monitoring and evaluation plan will be agreed upon by EJN and each individual grantee.
  • Applications should include a budget using this form
  • The projects are generally expected to take place this year, and we are particularly looking to see a lot of activity carried out prior to the COP21 Climate Summit held in early December, 2015.
  • Final reports for accepted projects must be filed no later than Feb 10, 2016
  • Projects that can offer or raise co-financing to complement EJN’s support will be favorably viewed
  • New EJN Members should register for an account before applying.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Earth Journalism Grants Fund




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