2016 Unreasonable East Africa Institute/Labs for High Impact Entrepreneurs.

Application Deadline:

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Dates: July/August, 2016 (Exact dates to be confirmed)

Goal: Help early-stage companies that already have significant traction grow

Every year, an exclusive group of thrice-vetted companies we work with spends 5 weeks with us in Kampala, Uganda, during which we work intensively with them alongside 80+ impressive mentors to get the company into the best possible shape to grow. The Unreasonable Institute then expose and connect them to our network of 550+ funders so that they can raise funding. But it does not end there. We and the entire Unreasonable network continue to support our entrepreneurs for the life of their company and beyond.

The 2016 Unreasonable East Africa Institute is taking place between July and August, 2016 (exact dates to be announced). The Instiute will be uniting 12-15 carefully vetted companies from around East Africa, in Kampala, Uganda, where we will intensively work with them alongside our 80+ impressive mentors to get them into the best possible shape to grow.

Eligbility Requirements:

Open to companies that:

  • Operate in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania
  • Are for-profit or non-profit
  • Have achieved significant traction in their market already, meaning they have some customers/users and have started generating revenues.
  • Have released their product/service, gained feedback from their target population, and then iterated their product to better meet the demand. In short, they have “market intimacy”.
  • Have a strong business model

Unreasonable East Africa Labs

Unreasonable East Africa Labs are 5-day hyper-accelerators focused on local context. Our first lab, with the theme of Business Model Validation, is designed to help idea/early stage entrepreneurs test and validate their assumptions to build a stronger business foundation. We will be uniting 10-20 carefully selected companies in Kampala, Uganda, for 5 days in a row in April 2016 (exact dates to be announced).


  • Are idea/early stage
  • Operate in Kampala, Uganda*
  • Are for-profit or non-profit

Apply Now for the Unreasonable East Africa Labs 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2016 Unreasonable East Africa Institute/Labs



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