2017 Ewha Womans University Global Empowerment Program for Women’s Activism, South Korea (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: April 9th 2017

Ewha Womans University Global Empowerment Program (EGEP) is a two-week residential educational program that takes place twice a year (summer and winter) offered by Ewha Womans University. According the MOU between Ewha Womans University and UN Women, this program aims to promote education for women and gender equality in Asia and Africa by empowering women working in non-governmental public sectors and by nourishing the next generation of women leaders.

Program Goals    

On completing this program, participants will have:

  • improved their theoretical knowledge and practical capacities from a gender perspective;
  • broadened their understanding of women’s lives, women’s issues, and women’s rights in Asian and African contexts; and
  • strengthened their feminist leadership capacities to build women’s solidarity and cooperation in local, national, and transnational contexts.


  • With minimum three years of experience, women activists working in international and national non-governmental public sectors in Asia and Africa, such as NGOs, NPOs, civil society organizations, including individuals working independently are encouraged to apply for this program.


  • Ewha Womans University provides the funding to cover fees for the tuition, dormitory, and a two-week allowance for all the participants.
  • Funds for airfare will be awarded only to the participants from ODA beneficiary countries.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2017 Ewha Womans University Global Empowerment Program (EGEP)


  1. I would like to apply for the ewha-womans university-global-empowerment for women’s activist in south
    Korea and my documents are already ready but am having difficulties in opening the website ,can you help in any way because I need to submit my papers ,please email me and tell me the way forward or you can give me any email I can forward the documents to.


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