Cisco Internet of Things Innovation Grand Challenge (US$250,000 Prize)

Application Deadline: July 1st 2014

The Cisco Internet of Things Innovation Grand Challenge aims to recognize, promote and reward innovators, entrepreneurs and early-stage startup businesses that can help us transform businesses and industries by re-inventing business processes, operational efficiencies and customer service innovations.

Submission Details

Submissions must be entered into one of five categories:

  1. Applications and Application Enablement,
  2. Analytics,
  3. Management,
  4. Networking, or
  5. Things.
  • Each submission must map to one of a variety of industries Education, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail, Smart Cities, Sports and Entertainment or Transportation.
  • The contest will run in three phases:

Phase 1: Nineteen (19) ideas are selected for the Semi-Finals

Phase 2: Six (6) ideas are selected to proceed to the Finals

Phase 3: Three (3) ideas receive grand prizes


  • Awards of US$250,000 in cash prizes will be shared among the three winners, and can be used to jump-start your venture. 
  • Cisco will also provide winners with mentoring, training, and access to business expertise from Cisco and other supporting organizations.

Submit your entry for the Cisco Internet of Things Innovation Challenge


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