Data2X Gender Data Press Fellowships 2018 for Journalist (Funded to second UN World Data Forum in Dubai)

Application Deadline: July 11th, 2018.

Data2X, an alliance hosted by the UN Foundation, today announced a press fellowship focused on gender data to be held in October 2018 alongside the second UN World Data Forum in Dubai. As part of the fellowship, journalists will receive a stipend to cover travel costs and will have access to exclusive briefings.

The UN World Data Forum will gather 1500 leaders from government, business, civil society, and academia in Dubai from October 22 to 24 to examine the significant role of data in achieving sustainable development. Critical to this conversation is the need for good gender data – complete, unbiased data about the lives of women and girls – to bring about positive change for all people, especially those that are most vulnerable.

Gender data can include labor data that considers both paid and unpaid work, data about access to financial services, and data on birth, death, and marriage registration. Women are disproportionately impacted by lack of data in each of these areas, and have the potential to benefit tremendously if gender data is collected and used.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Data2X Gender Data Press Fellowships 2018


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