Join the CIVICUS Youth Action Team

Application Deadline: January 15th 2021

The CIVICUS Youth Action Team is a group of members who work for youth to be meaningfully represented and engaged in all of the alliance’s structures, governance, strategies, and activities. 

The Youth Action Team champions youth engagement and civic space. Institutionally, they interface with the CIVICUS Board on specific strategic questions, and provide advice and guidance to the Secretariat on any suggested youth programming or proposals that should be considered CIVICUS priorities.

The Youth Action Team define youth engagement as:

Meaningful adolescent and youth engagement is an inclusive, intentional, mutually-respectful partnership between adolescents, youth, and adults whereby power is shared, respective contributions are valued, and young people’s ideas, perspectives, skills, and strengths are integrated into the design and delivery of programs, strategies, policies, funding mechanisms, and organizations that affect their lives and their communities.


  1. Being recognized as part of an international community with some of the most inspiring young activists in the world.
  2. Have your work featured on CIVICUS platforms.
  3. Receive support from CIVICUS Youth team to develop your leadership skills and be ready to influence decision-making at global civil society networks.
  4. Improve the work you do in your local community through the incorporation of diverse global perspectives.
  5. Obtain access to different networks of support and organizations that can nurture your work.  
  6. Develop ideas into projects that can have long-term positive effects in other young people.
  7. Attend the CIVICUS Youth Assembly.
  8. Be invited as a speaker in virtual global seminars and events related to civic space, democracy and human rights.
  9. Increase your team building skills and intercultural communication through a customized program.
  10. Achieving concrete results like the development of the ‘Resourcing Youth-led Groups’ playbook or the agendas of the CIVICUS Youth Assemblies. You define how far you want to go. The sky’s the limit.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CIVICUS Youth Action Team



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