PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress International Leadership Training Programme 2013 in Kenya.

Application Deadline: July 31st 2013

PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress is a leadership program and is now accepting applications from highly qualified undergraduate students with financial need commencing studies in October 2013. The goals of the PATHWAYS program are to

1) develop the student’s leadership ability through supporting their efforts to improve their community,

2) facilitate the education and encourage career development of individuals who are highly qualified academically, motivated, and dedicated to improving their country,

3) provide mentoring to establish the future leader in his/her career and to assure the successful implementation of the community project and

4) foster lifelong civic-minded collaborations among youth from different ethnicities.

Along with participation in this program is the availability fee assistance to those accepted to the University of Nairobi or Kenyatta University (only for students under the regular/module I programme)


  • KCSE overall grade average of B+ or higher.
  • Financial need.
  • Strong interpersonal and educational skills.
  • Written project proposal (Rationale, Background, Objectives, Methods, Anticipated Problems and Solutions, Implications), written in collaboration with a community group, that can be made sustainable during the 4 years of university education.  The proposal may focus on any area (e.g. economic development, infrastructure, food production, conservation), but it must in some direct way seek to improve the country and its people.  Include letter of support from the community group.
  • Three letters of recommendation from secondary school teachers/education professionals (or equivalent) familiar with the student’s abilities (attach).
  • Copies of KCPE/KCSE official results certificate and recent school reports (attach).
  • Copies of acceptance letters from UoN/Kenyatta U or completed application form (attach).
  • Estimated university expenses and a cost share plan (see below).
  • Recent photo of student (will not be returned).

PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress is an international leadership training program (currently only available in Kenya) that:

  • Offers a leadership training opportunity to disadvantaged youth in developing countries (AIDS orphans, women, others);
  • Provides mentoring to shepherd motivated students who want to improve their countries;
  • Builds tomorrow’s leaders in their own communities; and
  • Offers an ongoing support network.

Pathways will choose promising secondary school graduates in developing countries who have written an insightful and practical project idea about how to make life better in their own country.

PATHWAYS then offers the opportunity for students to apply for modest annual awards ($500) to help them move their projects forward and assists them with university fees.  An in-country mentor guides and counsels the students with their project plans and with other aspects of life.

Note: Preference will be given to students from disadvantaged groups such as AIDS orphans and girls.  Finalists will be asked to appear for an interview.  Please be mindful that this is a leadership program not a scholarship only. Those selected will be expected to obtain good grades, work on their community projects, and contribute to the successful running of the PATHWAYS program while in university and throughout their lives.   Success in meeting these expectations will be required for continuation in the program.


The program will cover most of the student’s university expenses toward a Bachelor’s degree not covered by any government or private grants for 2 semesters per year contingent upon satisfactory progress each year. The student is expected to offer a cost share plan to outline how much they can contribute to their university expenses. The student is also expected to apply to PATHWAYS for a small grant to support progress on their project annually.

Application and Selection Process:

The completed application and additional information (see checklist below) should be sent to PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress (by airmail post or email) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and received no later than July 30, 2013 for October 2013 entry to  University. The application must be complete (all questions answered and documents attached) to  be reviewed. If questions, please contact D. Gust by e-mail.

Please return completed application form by airmail post or e-mail to:
D. Gust
PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress
1503 Hartman Dr.
Lilburn Georgia 30047 USA
[email protected]

ナSee this link for more principles of community engagement that may be helpful in planning your  project proposal.

Check list
 completed application form
 copy of KCPE/KCSE
 project proposal 2 pgs
 letter of support from community group and list of members
 3 letters of reference
 copy of U of Nairobi or Kenyatta U acceptance letter or completed application form
 photo (smile)
 personal background essay 1 page
 contribution to PATHWAYS essay 1 page


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