Pulitzer Center Local Letters for Global Change Contest 2023 for K-12 students worldwide.


Application Deadline: November 12, 2023 at 11:59pm EST

K-12 students: Make your voice heard this fall by writing a letter to a local elected representative that explains the global issue you want them to prioritize, shows how it connects to your local community, and proposes a solution. Through this contest, students can practice global citizenship, civic action, and persuasive writing, all while exploring the underreported issues that matter to them through Pulitzer Center news stories.

The Pulitzer Center wants to read and share your letters: tell us, and the world, what’s most important to you. 


The Pulitzer Center welcome entries for all current K-12 students across the globe. Letters may be written in English and/or Spanish. Students will be judged separately in high school, middle school, and elementary categories, using the same judging rubric.


We will select three first place winners, including one high school entry (grades 9-12), one middle school entry (grades 6-8), and one elementary entry (grades K-5). First place winners will receive:

  • $100 to support global community engagement in your classroom (prize distributed to your class teacher)
  • Publication of your letter, photo, and bio on the Pulitzer Center website

Additional finalists will be selected across all grade levels. Finalists will receive:

  • Publication of your letter, photo, and bio on the Pulitzer Center website

Entry Guidelines:

1. Go to www.pulitzercenter.org/stories, or the Suggested Stories tab above, and choose a news story about a global issue that matters to you.

2. Write a one-page letter to an elected representative in your community that includes the following:

I.   Short summary of a global issue, citing a Pulitzer Center news story.
II.  Explanation of how this global issue connects to your local community, and/or to you personally.
III. Suggestion of what action you would like your local representative to take to resolve this issue, or otherwise improve related conditions.

For support writing your letter, see the Resources for Teachers and Students tab above.

3. Use this form to enter the contest. It will request some basic personal and contact information; the name and contact information for one of your teachers; and you can copy/paste your letter directly into the form.

4. Your representatives’ contact information is available online. After submitting your letter to the Pulitzer Center, please consider mailing or emailing your letter to them directly!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Pulitzer Center Local Letters for Global Change Contest 2023


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