The DW Akademie MEDIA LOVES TECH Competition 2023 for MENA Journalists & Media Professionals. (10 000 Euro Prize)


Application Deadline:15th July 2023 

MEDIA LOVES TECH is a pre-incubation competition, from the idea to the creation of a solution prototype. All projects at this entrepreneurial stage are accepted. Projects must also be in the pre-marketing stage. This means that they have not been offered for sale and do not have no registered customers


MEDIA LOVES TECH is on the lookout for the best digital concepts for innovative and quality journalism. Launched by DW Akademie, Germany’s leading international media development organisation, this competition is open to journalists, start-uppers, project leaders, creative minds, developers, designers, civil society members, and any other individual or organisation that aims to make a contribution- through innovation- to a quality media landscape in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

The best digital innovation for the future of journalism in Tunisia is awarded a monetary prize of € 10.000.

MEDIA LOVES TECH is an initiative by DW Akademie in cooperation with the Tunisian NGO Al Khatt. This project is funded by German cooperation, in particular by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Objective of the competition

The objective of MEDIA LOVES TECH is to identify and enable the implementation of effective solutions tackling the challenges and problems of media and journalism in general in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

To achieve this, MEDIA LOVES TECH is applying the new technological spirit of crowdsourcing, i.e. the collaboration of connected internet users to generate services, ideas or content together. Crowdsourcing describes the process of sharing information and knowledge in a way that stimulates the flow of ideas and creativity.

Themes of the competition

In general, MEDIA LOVES TECH is looking for:

  • solutions to the problem of limited access to information
  • projects that facilitate the work of journalists and media (data processing/ organisation/ visualisation)
  • ideas that improve the interaction with the public (tracking, audience measurement, engagement, feedback)


  • The competition is open to creative people, journalists, media professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, civil society members, any individual or organization wishing to contribute, through a concept or by offering their skills, to the rise of innovative and digital journalism in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.
  • The competition is open to all persons who are over 18 years old at the time of their registration (hereinafter “eligible participants”). Journalists, developers, designers, data scientists, creative minds, techies, individuals or representatives of organizations, are invited to submit their concepts or apply to become part of a team. 

MEDIA LOVES TECH gives you access to a quality ecosystem:

  • flexibility with different knowledge inputs such as online trainings and masterclasses
  • experts on demand
  • networking opportunities, even after the end of the program
  • a community of entrepreneurs and experts

The winner receives an award of 10 000 Euro

How to participate?

To participate between June 1st, 2023 and July 15th, 2023, eligible persons must:

  • Join and click on the registration button
  • Fill in the form and select a date for an interview
  • Form a team of at least 2 participants and at most 5 participants
  • Develop a concept (pitch deck) related to one of the proposed themes. The team can carry out a first level of design, mock-up or prototyping
  • Propose a project that will work, in part or fully, in one or more of the targeted countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria).

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the DW Akademie’s Smart Media Accelerator (SMA) Program


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