The Intel Business Challenge Middle East & North Africa 2013.


Application Deadline: 14th April, 2013

The Intel Business Challenge Middle East & North Africa 2013 is part of Intel Global Challenge, worldwide Intel and UC Berkeley technology business plan competition for university students, graduates and young entrepreneurs organized since 2005.

In collaboration with prestigious education institutions and non-profit entrepreneurship organizations across the Middle East, Intel is building business and entrepreneurship awareness among young people in the region as well as strong relationship with its key stakeholders.

Winners of Intel® Business Challenge Middle East (and other regional competitions) go to the Intel Global Challenge finals held In Dubai in June 2013.

Participants’ eligibility

1.1. Participants: the Intel® Business Challenge Middle East is open to:

1.1.1. All active students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) of all accredited universities and colleges from the Middle East & North Africa

1.1.2. Recent graduates up to 4 years after Bachelor’s or Master’s graduation.

1.2. All Participants must be between 18 and 35 years old and be citizens or legal residents with valid work or student visa in one of the eligible countries.

1.3. Participants may submit projects individually or as a team (multiple university teams are allowed).

1.4. Participants may be accompanied by mentors who do not meet the criteria. However mentors are not eligible to present or answer questions during Competition’s finals in front of the Jury or present the project in Round 2 video.

1.5. Each Participant (individual or team) may submit only one business idea.

Exclusions and Limitations

1.6. The following individuals cannot participate, directly or indirectly, in the Competition:

1.6.1. Winning participants from previous editions of Intel business plan competitions with their winning projects, even if updates or modifications are made.

1.6.2. Beneficiaries of Venture Capital funding for the business plan.

1.6.3. Projects that have already received more than USD 250,000 of financing (public and/or private).

1.6.4. Employees of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries, affiliates, as well as companies wherein Intel has an equity stake.

Project requirements

1.7. The Competition showcases business opportunities with the greatest potential for a positive impact on society through the commercialization of new and truly innovative technologies.

1.8. The Participants business ideas (Projects) will be submitted in 3 rounds:

1.8.1. Phase 1 will require a simple abstract (of 1000 words)

1.8.2. Phase 2 will require a full business plan online submission following specific requirements and video elevator pitch material (up to 2 minutes long). The process of submitting this business plan would be explained in the web training sessions

1.8.3. Phase 3 will require preparation of a multimedia presentation and delivering it in front of the semi-finals and finals Jury at the Competition event

1.9. The Projects submitted for the Competition are required to be:

1.9.1. innovative and represent new ideas or novel ways of using already existing products, technologies, services or processes.

1.9.2. aimed at developing (or using technologies) within the areasof:

  • semiconductors, manufacturing, and hardware
  • mobile and wireless;
  • digital home and consumer electronics;
  • retail and consumer software;
  • enterprise software and IT;
  • energy and power generation;
  • nanotechnology;
  • life sciences and biotechnology;

1.10. The working language for all documents and communication related to the Competition is English.

1.11. The Participants declare that they have the absolute ownership of the Project submitted for the Competition and it is not subject to the conflict concerning intellectual and/or industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.).

1.12. Participants agree to indemnify and not to held Intel Corporation and Affiliates responsible in the event that a third party initiates any claim, lawsuit or complaint within any forum, whether judicial or administrative agency against Intel, concerning or in connection with the above-mentioned rights.

1.13. Intel Corporation and its Affiliates shall not be held liable to the Participants or others for the viability or results of projects, or participate in the ownership or management of the Projects.

14th Apr, 2013 – Final registration date

15th Apr, 2013 – 22nd May, 2013 – 6 Webinar sessions held once a week to help develop your projects business model and prototype

Jun, 2013 – Choose local and regional Intel Challenge Winners

Oct, 2013 – 4 winners will go to the Intel Global Challenge – Silicon Valley, USA

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For More Information:

Visit the Intel Business Challenge 2013 Homepage


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