The Swiss Malaria Group Photo Contest 2013.

Application Deadline: 24 March 2013

To highlight the realities for those living at risk of malaria and the work of those dedicated to changing that reality, the Swiss Malaria Group is hosting a global online photography contest.

The contest is open to all. Send in your photos between 15 February and 24 March, 2013. The entries will be subject to a public vote to determine the finalists and a panel of judges will select the winners. Please do read the Terms and Conditions before you enter and ensure the photo(s) do not violate anyone’s right to privacy.


The lucky winners – 15 photographers from around the world – will be those with the best photos and captions that tell a story. The prizes up for grabs include three brand new Fuji cameras and CHF 400 or one of a series of cash prizes.

Have you got a photo that can tell a story about malaria?

Enter Now for the Swiss Malaria Group Photo Contest


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