World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Learners’ Voice Program 2017/2018 (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: May 2nd 2017

WISE is pleased to announce the start of the 2017/18 Learners’ Voice recruitment campaign.

Each year, WISE rigorously selects candidates from a diverse pool of applicants who, through their academic, professional and/or personal work, strongly demonstrate their commitment to and engagement in the field of education. In addition to acquiring leadership and communication skills, the Learners are tasked with developing innovative, educational interventions to a pressing social issue identified by WISE. This year the participants will be engaged in theoretical and practical components relating to the Global Forced Migration and Displacement Crisis.

WISE invites highly motivated learners who can strongly demonstrate their engagement in the field of education to apply for the WISE Learners’ Voice Program by submitting an application form endorsed by two professional referees.

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) was established by Qatar Foundation in 2009 under the leadership of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative, evidence-based thinking, debate, and purposeful action in education. Through the biennial summit, collaborative research and a range of ongoing programs, WISE is a global reference in new approaches to education.
Established in 2010,the Learners’ Voice Program brings the perspectives of young people to the challenge of rethinking education, and equips them to take on leading roles in their fields and in the world of education. The program is based on the idea that when Learners are co-creators of their learning environments, they become active participants invested as stakeholders in the progress of their communities.
First Residential Session
  • Participants will work with WISE partners on the ground to gain a practical understanding of the challenges facing the target demographic and the ecosystem in which they exist. Theoretical sessions delivered by expert faculty will complement the experiential component.
  • Online Project Development
    In this component, participants will work in project teams. The project work will begin in the first residential session and will continue to be developed throughout the year with guidance from the Learners’ Voice Team and expert mentors from the WISE community.
  • Second Residential Session
    The group will take part in experiential workshops on social entrepreneurship, innovation and communication delivered by expert faculty. The session will provide participants with the necessary frameworks and skills to refine and strengthen their project proposals, develop their entrepreneurial pitch and pilot their projects.
  • Piloting
    Based on the strength of their project proposals, selected teams will have the opportunity to pilot their projects with the target community. The purpose of the pilot is to test the idea on a small scale and evaluate its benefits, risks and feasibility. The pilot phase will be conducted in partnership with organizations on the ground.
  • Pitch
    Based on the findings from the pilot and the strength of the final submission, selected teams will be given the opportunity to pitch their projects to an audience of relevant experts, practitioners and stakeholders.

Nomination Requirements

  • WISE is now looking for the next cohort of 20 outstanding candidates to apply, or be nominated, to join this growing global community.
  • The successful candidates will be between the ages of 21 and 30, and be
    able to strongly demonstrate their engagement in the field of education and their work on social issues. They must commit to participating fully in all components of the program, both onsite and online.
  • WISE invites representatives of institutions, organizations, programs and networks around the world to nominate engaged learners with diverse, outstanding academic and /or personal experiences to participate in the WISE Learners’ Voice Program.


  • WISE-Qatar Foundation will only cover visa fees, flights, accommodation and in country transportation for the selected candidates.

How to Apply:

Create an account and complete the official form available on the

WISE online application system

      . The form must be completed in English. Please complete either a nomination form or an application form –

not both

    . Please note that forms are considered equivalent and are evaluated using the same criteria. The online application system requires that you create an account; this will enable you to complete the form in your own time. You will be able to edit and save all parts of the form, and to return to it when you are ready to submit. Please note that once you submit the form, the submission is final.
Program Timeline
  • Summer 2017– Selection of Cohort
  • Fall 2017– Announcement of Cohort
  • December 2017 to March 2018 – Completion of online courses
  • March 3 – 18,2018 – First Residential Session
  • March to June 2018 – Online project group work
  • June 17 to July 1, 2018– Second Residential Session
  • July to August 2018– Online project group work and Piloting
  • August 2018– Final Project Submission
  • September 2018– Selection of Successful Projects
  • November 2018– Pitch Session

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the WISE Learners’ Voice Program 2017/2018


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