World Merit 1Life Challenge 2016 (Fully Lived Win a fully funded trip to 1life Fully Lived conference in Philadelphia, USA)

Application Deadline: DECEMBER 31st 2015.

Create a short video highlighting your business as entrepreneur, the journey you undertook to become successful, and win a fully funded trip to the 1Life conference in Philadelphia in May 2016! #MostAmazingEntrepreneur

Entrepreneurs shake the world. Entrepreneurs change the world. From all those entrepreneurs out there, World Merit want to know about YOUR business, and what odds you had to overcome to become successful. World Merit are looking for « The Most Amazing Entrepreneur in the World. » One that has overcome obstacles and is running a profitable venture. You can win a fully funded trip to Philadelphia to attend the 1Life Fully Lived conference May 21-22 and you will also inspire a global community to set up their own projects too!

The winner will receive a fully funded trip to the 1Life Fully Lived Conference in Philadelphia on May 21-22 2016. They will get their flight, all transportation to and from Philadelphia Airport to the event and all lodging and meals covered from May 20th to May 24th 2016 so to attend this world renowned, life changing, motivational conference.

The winner will also be honored on stage during the conference as the winner of the 1Life Fully Lived – World Merit « The Most Inspirational Entrepreneur in the World » contest.

The 1Life Fully Lived Conference is a 2-day conference which aims to help people dream, plan and live their best lives. The 1Life Community is a pulsing, vibrant population of “life-minded” people working together around the world to brainstorm life ideas and solutions, hold each other accountable, and share personal experience while teaching and encouraging others to do the same. This community is the life blood of 1Life, and we come together on this conference, fostering positive and lasting change.


What you do:

Create a 90 second to 2 minute video highlighting your business and what odds you have overcome to be successful. We want your video to be inspiring to our 1Life Fully Lived and the World Merit Community. We want others to see they can do it too! You can also send us a narrative about yourself and your business. The key is to be creative! Wow us! We appreciate creativity and out-of-the-box ideas.

Upload videos to youtube or vimeo. Submit your videolink on You can include a narrative about you and your business.

The Steps

1. Decide on a narrative to tell your story of your business and your entrepreneurial journey.
2. Submit your story (in video or narrative – but be creative)
3. Inspire other entrepreneurs-to-be.

Judging Criteria

Are an amazing Entrepreneur
Have overcome many hardships to be successful
Have a profitable business
Are creative
Are determined
Have high ethical standards

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the World Merit 1Life Challenge 2016


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