2015 Ye! Boost Program for Young Entrepreneurs ( Scholarships available for All expense paid trip to Amsterdam, Netherland)

Application Deadline: June 30 2015

Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp: Oct 12-16, 2015

The Ye! Boost Program is a one-year program for young entrepreneurs from Kenya, Ghana and the Philippines. It provides training, coaching, networking and international exchange opportunities to help you build your business and grow it. The highlight of the program is the one-week Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The program offers various activities, you can

  • Learn about how to build a successful social business by connecting with experienced professionals, business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, from the  6 online seminars we organize throughout the year
  • Further develop your business skills by participating in our 3 local workshops
  • Receive one-on-one coaching by an expert who will guide you in making your startup a success
  • Receive a scholarship to attend the Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp in Amsterdam; learn how to accelerate your social business, network with European entrepreneurs and pitch to investors!

Eligibility for the Boost Camp

To be eligible to participate in the Boost Camp, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Between 16 and 30 years’ old
  • Possess nationality from one of the following countries: Kenya, Ghana or the Philippines
  • Have a (social) business which provides an innovative solution to address a challenge in your community, particularly in the field of: agriculture, education, IT, health and clean energy
  • The business must be legally incorporated


To apply for the activities of the Boost Program, you need to Register at the Ye!  Community . You can find in the following how to apply for each activity

Online Seminars

  • May 22nd (9~10am GMT) – Analyzing and selecting the most feasible business idea
  • Jun 30th (9~10am GMT) – Business ethics; vision, mission and objectives
    * You can register for this seminar here


To participate in one of our local workshops, you can register here

Upcoming workshops:To be announced

* The online seminars and workshops are open to all entrepreneurs but there’s limited space.  So make sure to register as early as possible to guarantee a spot!


The one-on-one coaching is offered through the Ye! Coaching program. For more information about the program and to apply, you can visit Ye! Coaching.

Ye! Social Enterprise Boost Camp

  • A one-week event in Amsterdam (Oct 12-16, 2015) providing business acceleration trainings and networking opportunities to the 30 most promising (social) entrepreneurs from the three countries.
  • The event will end with a pitching event where the entrepreneurs have opportunities to pitch to European investors.
  • Scholarships will be provided for the 30 selected entrepreneurs to come to Amsterdam. The selection will be done via a VIEIO COMPETITION!

30 Scholarships available for Boost Camp in Amsterdam!

We offer 10 scholarships for the most innovative entrepreneurs from Kenya, including:

  • 2 full scholarships: covering your returned flights from Kenya to the Netherlands, your accommodation in Amsterdam and the participation fees of the Boost Camp
    * one full scholarship will be awarded to the entrepreneur that wins the video competition!
  • 8 partial scholarships: covering your returned flights from Kenya to the Netherlands, your accommodation in Amsterdam. You only need to pay for a discounted participation fee of EUR 300  for the Boost Camp
    * The amount of likes your video gets on the Ye! website will be one of the key criteria in determining who gets the partial scholarships!

Application Process

  1. Registration: Register a Ye! Account and complete your profile
  2. Motivation letter:  Send your motivation letter to Ye! at [email protected]
    * You are also encouraged to send us your CV and 2 recommendation letters; but they are not compulsory.
  3. Video competition:
    1).Make 2-minute video to pitch your startup and send it to Ye! at [email protected]
    We suggest you to include the following in your video:
    – what is your business idea and the problem you are solving
    – what is innovative about your solution
    – what is the potential social impact
    – and of course, we want to learn about you!
    * Please title the email as follows: Video of Your Name (as in the Ye! Community)_Country_Your Startup Name  (e.g. Video of JohnDoe_Kenya_Coolbusiness)
    * Please try to send your video via a cloud-based file transfer service such as WeTransfer
    2) Promote your video and get as many people as possible to like your video on the Ye! website!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Ye! Boost Program for Young Entrepreneurs



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