AB InBev’s Beer Garage Global Fintech Accelerator Program 2022 for young Entrepreneurs.


Application Deadline: 17th June 2022

Beer Garage Accelerator is a program by Beer Garage – Global tech innovation hub of AB InBev with the aim of driving innovation by building a robust network focused on solving real world complex business problems for the AB InBev ecosystem across Europe, LATAM, Africa & APAC.

Focus Areas

Asset Financing

Tailor-made credits solutions to enable Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) procure Assets ( Equipment, van / motorcycle) to grow their business
Supply Chain Financing

Solutions to enable Small and Medium Businesses to better manage their working capital

Solutions that enable Small and Medium Businesses to offer remittance solutions enabling them to generate additional revenue and offer this key service to the customers in their community

Innovative Solutions that offer tailor-made / customisable insurances for SMB’s and Ecosystem Suppliers

Emerging Rewards and Loyalty Solutions

Innovative Reward and loyalty solutions for our Fintech SMB Customers
New Marketplace Offerings

Marketplace Solutions offerings to find and hire different resources (e.g. In-Store Entertainment – Musicians , Artists) for the SMBs.

Data Monetization Engine

Solutions to identity insights from the payments, credit and other data sets captured by ABI Fintech Business and unearth new revenue streams/product offering opportunities

Payments Innovation

Innovative solutions to simplify, improve the consumer experience and make the entire digital payment process more cost-efficient for Small and Medium Businesses

Value Added Health Services

Solutions that offer health and wellness services to Small and Medium Businesses and their family

Collections for Lending

Innovation tech solutions to simplify the collections of credit repayments from Small and Medium Businesses

Realtime Fraud Detection

Cost efficient Innovative Solutions for real –time fraud detection and reporting on large volume of data processed by Fintech business unit

Video KYC Authentication

Innovative solution to provide Video KYC and real-time authentication services that can be easily integrated with existing tech platforms of AB InBev.


Upto US$50K Paid Engagement

Eligibility for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) up to USD $50,000 (depending on scope of pilot).
Global Expansion and New Customer Connects
Access to Investors
Mentorship For Product Maturity
Perks & CreditsMarketing & Branding Support

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AB InBev’s Beer Garage Fintech Accelerator Program 2022


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