Call for Artists: 2014 DordtYart Artist-in-Residence Programme in the Netherlands.

Deadline 1st period for April 1st – June 30th 2014 : : 30th of November 2013.

Deadline 2nd period for July 1st to October 6th 2014. : 30th of March 2014.

Disciplines: Architecture, Film, Media Art, Multi Media, Sculpture, Stone Carving, Visual Arts, Woodcraft
Founded: 2011
Language: Dutch and English
Location: DordtYart is located in the Biesboschhal, a former shipyard in de Stadswerven (the city wharf) of Dordrecht. It is a culturally and historically significant site with a large amount of space and a unique character.

DordtYart is a versatile new space for contemporary art that actively searches for alternative connections between artists, the visiting public, the work and the art market. Housed in the Biesboschhal, a converted former shipping yard, resident and commissioned artists create new work in an open-plan work and exhibition space. Artists produce and exhibit side by side

Artists are resident for a period of three months and at its end will present their work to the public in an evening lecture. The completed work will then be exhibited at DordtYart for an agreed period.

DordtYart encourages the development of artworks that take the specificities of the location into account. Artists-in-Residence have access to a workshop, technical support and have ample space for experimentation.

Duration: April 1st 2014 until June 30th 2014 or July 1st 2014 until October 6th 2014.

Paid by artist:
There is no financial contribution required for the artist, but a contribution in time (effort) and quality.

Paid by host:

  • DordtYart provides a residence in which meals and a compensation for daily expenses are included.
  • Travel costs to and from the Netherlands are not included, but may be negotiated in exceptional cases, at the discretion of the hosts. There are possibilities to receive a fee; the amount of this fee depends on the work of art that will be realized.
  • Materials and technical assistance will be provided by DordtYart and the site specific work of art will be removed after the exhibition, therefore the investment in the work of art is strongly limited. If a work of art is transportable, the work of art remains the property of the artist who will transport the work of art after the exhibition, or the work of art is the joint ownership of DordtYart and the artist. Depending on the made agreements on the destination and the ownership of the work of art, compensation is available for investment in the work of art.

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