Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards 2021 for Educational Professionals (Funded to 21st Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers in Kenya)

The Commonwealth Education Awards highlight and recognise the quality and diversity of learning systems, resources and spaces in 54 Commonwealth member countries. By recognising excellence and innovation, we hope to support education and learning initiatives that are being conducted in the 54 member countries, highlight the great work of education professionals and signal the key role of education and learning in achieving sustainable development.

The Awards draw attention to educational practices with replicability potential in different Commonwealth contexts and promote sharing of knowledge and expertise. In addition to honouring finalists and winners, the goal is to drive awareness and inspire action among stakeholders in the education sector.

The Awards take place triennially to coincide with the Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers, where winners are recognised and given the opportunity to participate in the various forums. The Government of Kenya will host the next CCEM in 2021 in Nairobi.


Exceptional educators and organisations leading cutting-edge learning and teaching projects can enter as many as six categories:

  1. Rethinking education for innovation
  2. Rethinking education for work
  3. Rethinking education sustainability 
  4. Education as pathways to peace
  5. Education for inclusion
  6. Commonwealth outstanding teacher or school leader


Educators must be Commonwealth citizens and projects must be running in at least one of the 54 member countries.

Entries must be received by 30 June 2020 from: 

  • A teacher or school leader who has shown outstanding leadership or contribution to improving teaching and learning; and
  • A public or private organisation, including ministries, education bodies and non-profits, whose learning project has made a positive impact on learners. The project must be running for at least 12 months.

Nominees must be:

  • A project lead of an institution or organisation delivering teaching and learning.
  • A teacher or school leader.

Who can enter the Commonwealth Education Awards 2021?

  • Any organisation, whether public or private, including Commonwealth ministries of education, educational institutions and civil society organisations delivering an education or learning project in a Commonwealth country can nominate the project.
  • Before nominating the project, secure permission from an appropriate senior manager. A submission must be a project that has made a positive difference to learners, whether children, young people or adults, or to the education system of a Commonwealth member country in respect of one or more of the six project categories for 2021. The project must have been running for more than 12 months.
  • A teacher or school leader who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership to improve education and learning. You can also nominate others for awards. However, please check with the nominee beforehand that they are happy to have their name put forward. The nominee must be a Commonwealth citizen and exercising her/his profession in a Commonwealth member country.


A pan-Commonwealth panel will judge the entries. Two winners for an outstanding educator and an innovative project will be shortlisted across the six categories.

The two top winners will be invited to Kenya in 2021 to receive their awards and showcase their work at the Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers. Their work will be profiled across the Commonwealth.

Entries will be scored on their:

  • relevance to the local context
  • measurable impact
  • sustainability and innovation
  • efficiency and effectiveness
  • community involvement
  • ability to be replicated.

This year, the awards focus on seeking entries that have worked towards addressing barriers to providing quality education for all, including marginalised groups.


There will be four finalists who will benefit from recognition and publicity around their work. Two winners will receive sponsorship to attend the 21st Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers in Kenya: the top project entry will receive the Pan Commonwealth Award and the best teacher or school leader will receive the Outstanding Award.

The two winners will receive the awards at the Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers taking place in Kenya in March 2021.

The awards ceremony will take place as part of the opening ceremony of the 21CCEM where the winners will receive an engraved plaque and a certificate.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards 2021


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