The #MigrantHeroes Smartphone Film Competition is a new International Organization for Migration (IOM) initiative to collect films shot on smartphones that tell migrant stories from around the world.

A 2-minute film compilation of a selection of the films submitted will be screened at IOM’s 65th Anniversary in Geneva, and possibly at the opening ceremony of the OISFF. Participation within IOM offices worldwide is strongly encouraged to capture the different perspectives towards migrants in their respective regions.

Selected films will compete for the 5th Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival (OISFF)’s special “Migrant Heroes Prize.


  • The competition will go public under the tag #MigrantHeroes and #OISFF. It will nominate submitted films as candidates for the festival’s special Migrant Heroes Prize of USD 2000, and for the festival’s official USD10,000 grand prize.
  • The winning films will be screened at a movie theatre in Seoul throughout September and October this year.

Submission Criteria:

Smartphone films, shot by IOM staff worldwide or the general public, can range in length: extreme-shorts (from 1 second to 1 minute), shorts (from 1 to 10minutes) or feature films of over 50 minutes; and should be submitted in H.264/ .MOV, .MP4, or .WMV digital files smaller than 500MB.

Films should be uploaded onto IOM Facebook, Twitter & YouTube accounts with the hashtag #MigrantHeroes #OISFF,

  • Fully filled entry form
  • Movie file (h.264 Codec / mov, mp4, wmv / less than 500MB in case of 10min and 1min section)
  • Stills / Proof photo that the film was shot using smartphone
  • Dialogue list (original language & English) (only for finalists)
  • For Feature-length film submissions, please fill out the entry form and send the film file through your personal cloud service (ex. dropbox or google drive) with photo of the film and proof photo that the film was shot using smartphone. You can write down your download link in entry form or send the link to [email protected].

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MigrantHeroes Smartphone Film Competition 2015