UNIDO/Fondazione CRT Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC 2017) Program for young social entrepreneurs – Torino, Italy (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: 15th August 2017

Do you have a social enterprise or are you in the process of establishing one?

Do you want to create social and economic opportunities for you and for others around you?

Do you want to improve social issues in your community and across the Mediterranean?

Are you between 18 and 35 years old?

Do you have the courage to challenge yourself?

Entrepreneurs for Social Change is a program for young social entrepreneurs to create positive impact, powered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Fondazione CRT.

Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) is regional program that empowers young social entrepreneurs to induce positive social change in their communities, fostering entrepreneurship and innovative ideas. While the program aims at having a global focus, it is currently tailor-made for social entrepreneurs based in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

In order to be considered for selection, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • To have a social enterprise (or be in the process of establishing a social enterprise), which is either leveraging cultural and religious diversity or promoting broader social change and can potentially create economic opportunities and social inclusion for a specific community or across communities.
  • The social enterprise can already be established or be in its initial stages, the applicant must demonstrate how its idea is grounded and sustainable.
  • To be between 18 and 35 years by the deadline to apply.
  • To hold a passport valid until at least until 5th May 2018 (for a visa to be issued, a passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after the expected date of entry into the country issuing the visa).
  • To have the social enterprise headquartered in a Euro-‐Med country.
  • To be fluent in spoken English
  • Target direct beneficiaries of the project are young social entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35.
  • For the current edition, the young social entrepreneurs will be selected among those whose social enterprise is headquartered in one of the following 26 countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malta , Montenegro, Morocco , Palestinian territories, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia,Turkey.
  • Entrepreneurs for social change specifically aims at supporting those participants who, through technological innovation, knowledge sharing, social inclusion and empowerment, community resilience building and international cooperation, can positively impact local communities.
  • An intensive 10-­day training will strengthen the knowledge and skills of the participating social entrepreneurs, by training them on using business tool, legal tools as well as fundraising tools to successfully pitch their business ideas to potential investors and market it in major media.
  • The training will also enhance their understanding of the cultural dynamics of the region and the challenges and opportunities arising therefrom. A number of interactive methods will allow participants to challenge themselves as individuals and as a group and to build long-­term networks.
Application process
  • A total of 25 young social entrepreneurs will be selected through a competitive call for applications. The application form ( see online under APPLY) is composed of three phases.
  • Phase 1
Phase I consists of a preliminary questionnaire with a number of compulsory discriminatory questions.
o Tuesday 15th August 2017 o 9.59 pm in Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, and Tunisia;
o10.59 pm in Egypt, Libya and CET;
o11.59 pm in Greece, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Syria and Turkey.
Phase 2
Only pre-­selected applicants will be invited to submit this part of the application.
Phase II of the application consists of two parts:
1. Video about Your Dream
All applicants are invited to shoot and upload a short video (ideally 1 min, no more than 2min) where they express their dream related to their social enterprise. The videos can be shot in a very informal way, with cell phones, laptop or any other video-­recording device.
IMPORTANT: The level of professionalism of the videos does not matter as the goal of the video is for the social entrepreneur to be free to express the dream s/he has regarding the change to be brought to the world.


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