2015 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award for Innovative entreprises around the globe ( 10.000 Euro Prize)

Submission Deadline: 31st August 2015!

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) looks for businesses/projects/ideas, whose innovative, lucrative business models have found the solution to a corporate problem.  Independent from size, industry or country everybody is invited to submit his project,  idea and business model focused on Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

In addition to the “sustainability funds“,with a volume of 30 – 50 million euro, floated with the Frankfurt School Financial Services GmbH, we offer a high ranked interface to projects and investors as well as themed events around “sustainable entrepreneurship”, SEA  can provide specific consulting to help you with issues and questions from funding, marketing/distribution, communication and many other subjects.

With the objective to encourage sustainable and innovative working businesses, to bring their pioneering ideas and projects further to gain new achievements to a livable future.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Independent from size, industry or country everybody is invited to submit his idea, project or business model linked to sustainable entrepreneurship.


The SEA has a total of eight separate categories:

  • Integration & Social; Climate, Environment & Energy; Knowledge & Education; Mobility & Technological Innovations; Development & Services; Lifestyle & Culture, Urban & Regional Development, and Health & Medicine.


  • The best projects and ideas will be honored within a festive Gala in Vienna, in November 2015.
  •  The most outstanding Project will be rewarded with a price endowed with 10.000 Euro.

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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award 



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