Africa’s Land and Food Fellowship Programme.

africa's land and food fellowship

africa's land and food fellowship

Since the Fellowship was launched in 2005, over 1.3 million pounds has been generously provided by donors in support of the programme. This funding has provided for leadership training; the development of professional networks and supporting industrial experience, together with study opportunities on the master’s programmes in agriculture, food and rural development at the Royal Agricultural College.

All of the fellows subsequently return to Africa and many are now making significant leadership contributions through their various occupations to managing change in rural development, food supply and security, farming, agribusiness, agricultural education and government. The programme is specifically linked to the MSc International Rural Development and the MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security courses.

Fellowships are offered to Africans mainly from Southern and East Africa who have experience in agriculture, food or natural resource exploitation and management; an interest in land reform; and a desire to make a strategic and sustainable contribution to Africa’s development. In short, tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

Scholarships cover tuition fees, board and accommodation, flights to and from the UK, provision for networking and a short industrial placement in Africa or the UK. Applicants are advised that scholarships do not cover incidental costs whilst in the UK and are advised that they should make provision in the order of £200 pcm.

We work with up to ten African fellows each year from a number of countries and have worked with fellows from: Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Kenya and Cameroon to date.

Applying for the Fellowship

Deadline: 7th January 2013

Applications are made through submission of the Fellowship application form and accompanying references form.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have agreed to support the African Fellowship programme for a further year with five fellowships under their Chevening Scholarship programme. Details of qualifying countries can be found on the Chevening website.

Further general information on Chevening scholarships can be found on the Chevening website or through the British Embassy in the above countries.

All applications should be sent by 7th January 2013 and if you are not successful in gaining a Chevening award, your application will still be considered for the normal African Fellowship programme.

Further guidance on applications and referees can be found on our Application Guidance page.

Download the Africa’s Land and Food Fellowship Programme Partnership (Brochure)



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