Grappleline’s $5,000 Social Conversation Contest « WHAT IF challenge » – Submit an interesting ‘WHAT IF’ Question

Application Deadline: November 30th 2015

Grappleline, one of West Africa’s fast-growing Digital Agencies, has kicked off a social conversation contest titled the ‘WHAT IF’ challenge.The WHAT IF challenge aims to stimulate the minds of everyone to imagine and share ideas that could solve real problems and add value to the world.

Participation in the ‘WHAT IF’ challenge is simple – submit a sentence, which must be written in English language. The sentence written and posted must be a question, not more than 20-words long and begin with the phrase “WHAT IF…”

Your « #WHATIF » sentence must express a dream, a problem identified in the society, or an innovative project that adds value. More importantly, your entry must be achievable, and thus, cannot be based on vague or non-existent technologies.


  • The contest is open to all Africans
How to Participate in the #WhatIf Challenge

1. Submit an interesting, world-changing or thought-provoking ‘What If’ question using the form on this page.

2. Within 24 hours, you’d be E-mailed a graphic design of your #WhatIf entry.

3. Upload on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Profile. Remember to include the hashtag #WhatIf.


The challenge ends on the 30th of November, and winners would be announced shortly after.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Grappleline $5,000 Social Conversation Contest


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