Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme 2021/2022 for young South Africans to study in the Netherlands.

Application Deadline: April 1st 2021

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme (OTS) gives talented students in several Neso countries the opportunity to study in the Netherlands. It is offered by higher education institutions, multinationals and government institutions.

The scholarships are managed and promoted by the Nesos (Netherlands Education Support Offices) in the participating countries. On their websites, you can find an overview of the participating Dutch higher education institutions, including detailed information regarding the course offered, the application requirements and the total amount of the scholarship. This information varies per scholarship.

The Orange Tulip Scholarship programme gives talented South Africans the opportunity to study in the Netherlands. It is offered by higher education institutions and coordinated by Neso South Africa.

In the table below you can see an overview of participating institutions and the options they offer:

Higher education institutionBachelorMasterMBAAvailable scholarships
Academy of Theatre and DanceNoYesNo1
Amsterdam Business School / University of AmsterdamNoNoYes1
Fontys University of Applied SciencesNoYesNo10
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies Erasmus University Rotterdam (IHS)NoYesNo1
The Institute of Social Studies in The Hague of Erasmus University (ISS)NoYesNo2
HAN University of Applied SciencesYesYesNo1
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, GroningenNoYesNo1
Maastricht School of ManagementNoYesYes4
Maastricht UniversityNoYesNo4
Nyenrode Business UniversiteitYesYesYes5
Radboud UniversityNoYesNo1
Saxion University of Applied SciencesYesYesNo1
The Hague University of Applied SciencesYesNoNo1
TIAS School for Business and SocietyNoYesYes4
Tilburg UniversityNoYesNo5
University of AmsterdamNoYesNo1
University of Groningen / University Medical Center GroningenNoYesNo28(for all Neso countries combined)
Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamNoYesNo4
Wageningen University & ResearchYesYesNo6
Wittenborg University of Applied SciencesNoYesNo8

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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme 2021/2022


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