Submission Deadline: April 26 2014

As part of the kick-off for this exciting decade of activity, the SE4ALL team has asked Student Energy to reach out to its global community to host a design contest to create a one-of-a-kind thermal card to hand to participants of the SE4ALL Forum in June. These unique cards are a spin-off of our wildly successful “Movement Cards” that are a tangible reminder to all of our student members to do everything in their power to help transition our world to a sustainable energy future.

The Cards:

The thermal (heat sensitive) cards are an incredibly ingenious design that changes color when someone “Adds their energy” to the cards, and can even reveal hidden text that only appears with thermal contact.

The Call

Student Energy and  the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative (SE4ALL) on the youth of the world to submit their creative designs to one side of the card as to what it should say and how they should look (the other side of the card will have the UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All logo which SE4ALL is designing). You have free range to get as creative and ambitious as you’d like but note the following suggestions:

  • The focus is on creating a call to action to inspire individuals who receive one of the thermal cards to recognize their part in the overall global equation and ideally commit themselves to active participation in the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All.
  • You can use whatever imagery or text you think most appropriate but note that simple, impactful messages tend to resonate most powerfully.
    • One potential tagline of “Change is in your hands” has been thought of but you have full reign to think of your own taglines, messaging and wording.
    • Another concept that was suggested was that each person has their own (unique) energy to apply to the Decade/SE4ALL goals.
    • There is only the capability to have one color change on the cards  (in the video above you can see blue, white, pink and yellow color change as well).
    • If you choose to have hidden text or image revealed, you can simply create a red circle on the image of your final design submission to signify where you want an text or image to appear when heat is applied. Ex: If “Change is in your hands” is only to appear when a person’s heat is applied, circle this text in red on your submission.
    • All submissions must be design files of a standard business card dimension (3.5” x 2”) with design bleeds for printing included.
    • Submissions are due on April 26th 2014 at 12 pm MST!
    • Submissions must be emailed to Student Energy Co-founder, Sean Collins at [email protected] with the Subject Line “SE4ALL Design Submission – YOUR NAME”.
    • You must include both the raw design file as well as a jpg image of your design file in your submission.
    • NOTE: Check back frequently as any clarifying questions, design updates or additional requirements


  • Your design piece will be handed out to thousands of participants of the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All.
  • In addition, you will personally receive 10 cards for your own use and distribution, as well as one free delegate pass to the Student Energy Regional Summit of your choice.
  • Student Energy will also run a blog post highlighting your work and interview you on the inspiration for the winning design and distribute this through the Student Energy and SE4ALL network.

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