Teach a Man to Fish Education That Pays For Itself Conference 2014 , Uganda.

'Education That Pays For Itself conference 2014

Registration Deadline:October 17 2014

From the 30th October – 1st November 2014, Education That Pays For Itself 2014 will bring together some of the world’s leading practitioners in financially sustainable education in a unique forum for learning, networking, inspiration and action.

200 delegates would parcipate for 3 days of lively workshops, debates and presentations. The participants include educators, policymakers, business people, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and NGOs from around the world, all sharing their ideas and knowledge on transforming young people from job seekers to job creaters through educational and profitable school businesses.

This year’s conference theme, “Empowering young people with the skills for success: From job seekers to job creaters” emphasizes the need to provide young people with an education designed to prepare them for future success in work and in life.

With almost half the world’s population now under 25, finding a stable job paying a decent wage will be a huge challenge for the current generation of young people. Therefore, it is more important than ever that they leave school not just with good grades, but armed with skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will help them succeed.

Establishing school businesses provides a real-life learning environment where young people can develop these capacities. Moreover, in trying to make their enterprises profitable schools not only benefit from the additional income, but from the culture of hard work and constant improvement that success requires – the very same values young people will need in their own futures.

What are the benefits of the conference?

-Learn from leading practitioners whose pioneering schools provide inspirational case studies for how Education That Pays For Itself can transform traditional education

-Showcase their work, inspiring others with their experiences, and contributing to the development of new approaches

-Share their challenges, find solutions, and develop future plans at specially designed consultancy clinics

-Network with fellow participants and establish new collaborative relationships

Who should attend the conference?

Anyone who is interested in how entrepreneurship can be used to improve the quality and availability of education is welcome to attend:

  • Principals, heads and leaders of educational institutions of all levels and sectors
  • Non-government organizations and associations working in education
  • Multi-lateral and national development agencies
  • International, national and state education system policy-makers
  • Business and industry employer and training organizations
  • Foundations, philanthropists and social investors with an interest in education
  • Teachers, educators and trainers
  • Academics and researchers in education
  • Community and indigenous organizations, both formal and non-formal
  • Young people

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