Between the Lines International Writing Program (IWP) for Young Writers at the University of Iowa, USA (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: February 17th 2016
When: June 25 – July 9th 2016
Where: June 25 – July 9th 2016

Between the Lines is a component of the International Writing Program (IWP) that brings young writers, aged 16-19, to the University of Iowa for creative writing study and cultural interaction. Between the Lines is a summer program that brings young writers 16-20 to the University of Iowa (the writing university) for creative writing study & cultural exchange.
  • Talented young writers, between age 16-19 years, who show promise to become future literary figures in their respective countries and in their own native languages.
  • Applicants must be proficient in Arabic and English (reading, writing and speaking);
  • Past experience in creative writing both in English and Arabic;
  • Ready to develop and share new writing techniques
  • Citizens of Morocco, Tunisia,
  • The selection preference will be given to talented young writers candidates with limited or no travel experience outside of their home country.
  • During this program in the U.S., the selected participants will take part in creative writing workshops, seminars on literary topics, cultural visits, and local events.
Required Application Documents:
  • A writing sample of 6-8 pages of prose and/or poetry in Arabic.
  • A writing sample of 6-8 pages of prose and/or poetry in English.
  • A brief one-paragraph statement of purpose in English describing why writing is important to your life, and what you hope to learn at BTL.
  • A writing sample of 2-5 pages of prose and/or poetry in either language in response to one of the following writing prompts:

During breakfast you are startled by a heavy knock at the door. It is someone who demands something from you. Who is it, what does he/she need, and what happens next? Write a short story or poem.

  • Write a short story or poem that contains three of the following objects and one place:
Objects: old bicycle, uncomfortable couch, leaking canoe, sleeping puppy, love note, truth
o Places: cruise ship, forest with a lake, empty street at dawn, deserted dance club.
Application Process:
Please e-mail applications to [email protected] no later than February 17, 2016
Please e-mail applications [email protected] no Saturday, February 15, 2016 at midnight, GMT.
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