Call for Participants: 11th AFRICA-EUROPE Training Course for Youth Organisations, Nairobi Kenya (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: 12th October 2015 – 23.59 pm (GMT+1)

Encouraged by the success of the previous Africa-Europe Training Courses and the demand for capacity building opportunities expressed by youth leaders in the Africa-Europe Youth Co-operation, the North-South Centre will run the 11th edition of this programme. The course is organised in co-operation with the European Youth Forum, the Pan-African Youth Union and the Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa.
After last editions of the course held in Tarrafal, Cape Verde (2002, 2009); Mollina, Spain (2004); Coimbra, Portugal (2005, 2008) Almada, Portugal (2006), Polokwane, South Africa (2010) Mindelo, Cape Verde (2012, 2013) and Nairobi, Kenya (2014) this 11th Africa-Europe Training Course will be held 8 – 15 November 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.
During the course, participants will develop competences and tools to strengthen their political participation in the context of the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership and develop competences for the capacity-building of their organisations as civil society actors in the development process.

The 11th AFRICA-EUROPE Training Course for Youth Organisations to be held between 8 November and 15 November 2015 Nairobi, Kenya   In the framework of the 7th African University on Youth and Development. 

The training course aims to:

  • strengthen the role of youth organisations as civil society actors and enable youth to organise and take action;
  • reinforce its political participation in Africa-Europe co-operation;
  • promote the global citizenship of young people in Europe and Africa.

The week-long course can accommodate up to 20 participants. Active participation and in-depth reflection are key features of the course. Participants will compare their approaches to youth work and youth participation, engaging in the implementation and evaluation of the programme with the team of trainers.
This Training Course is an opportunity given to youth leaders from Africa and Europe to share, better understand and integrate the objectives set at the international level in their work and contribute to their achievement. Some of these objectives (mentioned above) inscribed in the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership, help enable youth to take an active part in these strategies at the national and regional level and be further equipped to participate.

Profile of Participants

The participants in this course are representatives of youth organisations in Europe and Africa. European and African national and international youth organisations are invited to propose candidates for this course. The selection will be carried out by the North-South Centre in consultation with partners of the training course.

Approximately 50% of the participants in this course will come from youth organisations in Europe; the other half will come from youth organisations in Africa. Gender balance will be ensured in the selection process of the participants, as well as the balance between the type and/or nature of organisations.

Concerning participants and their profile:

  • should be a key multiplier playing an active role within a youth organisation, network or service at national or regional level, and plan to continue this work in the near future;
  • seeking gender balance;
  • diverse social and geographical background (including disadvantaged and minority groups);
  • aged between 18 and 30;
  • have already some qualification or experience in terms of international youth work;
  • be committed to attend the full duration of the course and be supported by a youth organisation or service;
  • be able to present the context of their work, their way of tackling problems, the challenges they meet;
  • be able to work and communicate in English/French.


  •  The North-South Centre will do its best to issue a pre-paid ticket. In exceptional cases, participants might advance the booking of the international flight and reimbursement will be done fully or in an agreed amount.
  • It is expected that participants/background organisation support the expenses related with local transport in the home country, as well as visa and necessary vaccination costs.
  • The board and lodging for the full duration of the training course is covered by the North-South Centre (accommodation and meals). Participants will be accommodated in double/triple rooms. 
  • There is no participation fee for this training course.

Application Process:

  • All candidates fulfilling the criteria and wanting to participate should send the enclosed application form to [email protected] by the 12th of October 23.59pm (GMT+1) 2015.
  • A recommendation letter from the organisation clearly stating the added value and possible follow-up of the participation of the applicant in the training course should be sent (scan version) in the same email of the application form. This letter should be signed and stamped. 
  • The application form and recommendation letter are necessary to consider the application eligible.
  • All applicants should receive a confirmation email of reception of documents within 5 working days after the submission of the application. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us.
  • The selection results will be announced by 16th October 2015.

Download Application Form

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 11th AFRICA-EUROPE Training Course for Youth Organisations


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