2015 A Common Word Among the Youth Training Programme & Conference, Rabat, Morocco (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: June 10 2015

100 young people aged 18-35 will be selected representing over 5 different faiths from 5 continents to be part of a unique global network

The first training programme and conference will be from 4-9th September 2015 in Rabat, Morocco.

A Common Word Among the Youth (ACWAY) is a global initiative that will be led by young people, of different faiths to build bridges of co-existence by means of dialogue and action.

The programme is fully funded and includes several training courses, international conferences and civic activities to immerse participants in knowledge and action around cultural and religious diversity.

It is expected to be filmed as part of a TV documentary series to be aired on satellite TV for millions of viewers to be inspired and get involved.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • To be eligible for the ACWAY Programme you must:
  1. Be aged between 18-35 (on 1st January 2015)
  2. Self-define as being a follower/believer of one of the following religions:
    1. Buddhism
    2. Christianity
    3. Hinduism
    4. Islam
    5. Judaism
    6. Any other religion not mentioned above
  3. Have a desire for promoting religious and cultural harmony
  4. Have experience in community activism and/or interreligious related activities
  5. Have an evidenced commitment to effecting positive change. This commitment can come in many forms; ranging from a high level of involvement in community initiatives to social entrepreneurship or from leading responsible business practices to public service.
  6. Possess leadership ability
  7. Have the ability to generate and articulate impactful ideas
  8. Have the skills and ability to work as part of a team with people from different backgrounds and religions
  9. Demonstrate good command of the English language. All elements of the programme will be conducted in English)
  10. Be prepared to travel abroad
  11. Be prepared to commit time to the project. This includes attending the training courses, conferences, delivering campaigns and local community activities). This will span over 12 months in your spare time taking into account your study and/or work commitments.
  12. Be happy to be included in photos and filming that could be used in social media as well as TV and print media

The programme will consist of

  1. Selection and training of 100 young people from around the world representing the world’s major religions to become advocates of co-existence and religious harmony
  2. Two international conferences to provide opportunities for the young people to network and present their projects and activities to the international community
  3. Grass-root activities delivered by the young people on co-existence and inter-faith relations
  4. An online social media platform for the young people to interact and showcase their projects and activities.

In addition to the above the following pilot campaigns will be arranged:

  1. A TV documentary with some of the young leaders involved highlighting the challenges and barriers to co-existence and some of the solutions
  2. A comprehensive media campaign on co-existence and cultural diversity, using TV, Radio, print media as well as social media.

The project will run from January 2015 – July 2016, with a view to continue beyond that with sustainable activities and projects delivered by young people in partnership with local NGOs as well as public and private sector involvement.

How to Apply:

  • Complete the online Application form
  • If you are an organisation and would like to nominate participants to the programme then you can fill in the online Nominate form

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the A Common Word Among the Youth Training 


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