2016 UNAOC Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) Programme , Torino Itlay (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline:  22nd July 2015, 11:59 PM, New York time.

When: 18th to  25th October  2015 in  Torino,  Italy

  • Have  you  ever  wondered  what  it  takes  to  be  a  social  entrepreneur?
  • Do  you  want  to  create  social  and  economic  opportunities  for  you  and  for  others  around  you?
  • Do  you  want  to  improve  intercultural  relations  in  your  community  and  across  the Mediterranean?
  • Do  you  have  the  courage  to  challenge  yourself?
The  United  Nations  Alliance  of Civilizations   and  Fondazione  CRT  are organizing  an 8-­day   training  which  will  bring   together   20  young  people  from  the   Euro-­Mediterranean  region  to  enhance  the  skills  needed  to  boost  a  business  idea  with  a  social  mission,  and  be  a  powerful  motor  of  economic  development  and  social  inclusion.
 In  addition  to  this  training,  the  selected  20  young  adults  will  receive  feedback  from  peers,
mentoring  from  experienced  social  entrepreneurs  and  will  be  matched  with  potential  investors.  The  event  will  be  organized  at  Fondazione  CRT  premises  in  Torino  (Italy)  from  18  to  25  October  2015.

Entrepreneurs for Social Change is a one-year programme of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and Fondazione CRT, which aims to support young social entrepreneurs in the Euro-Med region.

The programme offers a one-week intensive training for 20 social entrepreneurs who are selected through a competitive call for applications from the 26 countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Ten experts from the roster of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations provide training sessions on building business models, fundraising, generating employment, facilitating intercultural understanding, engaging local communities, and addressing marginalization.

After the training, the social entrepreneurs have the opportunity to benefit from both one-on-one and group mentoring sessions. Through these, participants practically apply lessons they learn during the training, approach potential investors, strengthen their business plans, and test their social impact. One mentor works with each trainee for a period of 9 months to incubate his/her entrepreneurial idea and help move it forward.

The  applicant:
• Has a social enterprise (or be in the process of establishing a social enterprise) which is either   leveraging cultural and religious diversity or promoting broader social change and can potentially  create economic opportunities and social inclusion for a specific community or across communities.
The   social   enterprise can   already   be   established   or be   in   itsinitial   stages, the   applicant must demonstrate   how   its   idea   is   grounded   and  sustainable.
• Has  a  date  of  birth between  15th October  1979  and  15th October  1997.
• Holds  a  passport  valid   until  at  least  30th April  2016 (for  a  visa  to  be  issued,  a   passport   needs   to   be   valid   for   at   least   6   months   after   the   expected   date   of  entry  into  the  country  issuing  the  visa).
• Lives in  and  be  of nationality  from  a  Euro-Med  country.
• Is  fluent  in  spoken  English

Eligible Countries

 Albania, Algeria,  Bosnia  and  Herzegovina,  Croatia,  Cyprus,  Egypt,  France,  Greece,  Israel,  Italy,  Jordan,  Kosovo,   Lebanon,   Libya,   Macedonia,   Malta,   Montenegro,   Morocco,   Palestinian  territories,   Portugal,   Serbia,   Slovenia,  Spain,  Syria, Tunisia,  Turkey
Application Process:
You   need   to   submit   an   application   package   which   must   include   the   following  documents:
• The  application  form  (see  separate  document);
• A  scan  of  the  identification  page of  your  current  valid  international  passport
• Your  resume/curriculum  vitae,  in  English,  with  a  maximum  of  3
 Selection  criteria
Organizers   of   the   training will   adopt   the   following   selection   criteria   to   shortlist   the
best  40  candidates:
• Applicant’s  background;
• Objectives  of  the  social  enterprise;
• Capacity  to  frame  social  context  and  diversity  issues;
• Capacity  to  address  cultural/religious  challenges;
• Capacity  of  the  social  enterprise  to  generate  employment;
• Financial  sustainability  of  the  social  enterprise.
The   shortlisted candidates  will  be  interviewed  by  a  selection  panel  between  25th July
and  15th August  2015.
The   shortlisted   candidates   will  be   required  to   send   additional   documents at  the  request  of  the  organizers.  The   20   successful   candidates   will   be   selected   by   the  United   Nations   Alliance   of  Civilizations
  • There  is  no  participation  fee,
  •   All  selected  participants  will  be  provided  with  round0trip  international  tickets  to  Torino
    (most   direct   route,   economy   class)   and   accommodation   once   in   Torino.   Meals   and
    coffee   breaks   will   be   provided   during   the   training.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2016 UNAOC Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) Programme


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