Apply Now to Join the 2015 Ampion Venture Bus for African Tech Startups/Creatives.

  • A brilliant roadtrip? Check
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AMPION is looking forward to your applications for the Venture Bus 2015!

Amplifying Pioneership (Ampion) the Berlin-based accelerator and advisory firm promoting technology entrepreneurship in Africa, is no accepting application for the latest round of its pan-African bus tours for corporate executives, startup founders, and investors.

In 2015, for its third edition, The Ampion Venture Bus Africa will take over 200 Ampioneers on 5 buses.

50% of the Ampioneers comes from Africa, the other 50% come from the all over the world. The organizers are specifically looking for young participants with an entrepreneurial flair who strive to fulfill their goals, whilst enhancing their skills, international contacts and business partners.

Now in its third year the buses will hit the road between September and December with trips across East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, and Tunisia.


East African Venture Bus
Date: 22.Oct. – 28.Oct. 2015
Topic of the Bus: eHealth, FinTech and Governance (not exclusive, other topics possible)

The region: In a recently released study, East Africa’s Rwanda was ranked first globally in ICT promotion by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

  • Adding to this, East Africa is home to some of the fastest growing tech-markets world-wide such as Kenya. Nairobi’s BRCK raised $1.2M in seed funding last year and more than 100k via kickstarter. Leading companies and foundations world-wide are investing in East African innovation.

 What’s happening?

The Venture Bus starts in Dar es Salaam, passing Arusha (both Tanzania), Nairobi, Kisumu (both Kenia), Kampala (Uganda) and ending in Kigali (Rwanda).

  • In East Africa, Ampion was personally invited by Minister of Youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana to attend and pitch at the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali. Expect to meet renowned and highly esteemed jury members and guests at the East African Grand Final when you pitch your startup.
  • Ampion is cooperating with leading financial institutes, government agencies and pharma companies in the region to help participants work on eHealth, FinTech and Governance related innovations.

Apply Now for the Ampion East Africa Venture Bus

West African Venture Bus
Date: 17.Sept. – 23.Sept. 2015
Topic of the Bus: eHealth, FinTech and Governance (not exclusive, other topics possible

The region: West Africa is home to Africa’s biggest tech market: Nigeria.

The Venture Bus will bring you to five buzzing countries oozing entrepreneurial spirit. Many successful tech companies have emerged from West Africa, like IrokoTV, dubbed as the ‘netflix of Africa’.  Scaling your IT or mobile business in the highly populous West Africa has immense potential.

What’s happening?

  • In the West Africa region, Ampion cooperates with partners who will encourage you to work with them on eHealth, FinTech and Governance related startups.
  • The Venture Bus will bring you from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to Cape Coast and Accra (both Ghana), Lomé (Togo) and Contonou (Benin) and visit all major HUBs in the region such as ispace and ccHUB. Here, tailored events will get you in touch with local investors and serial entrepreneurs.
  • The Grand Final is incorporated in the largest pitching competition on the continent: DEMOAfrica. Get ready to launch your business!

Apply Now for the Ampion West Africa Venture Bus

Southern African Venture Bus
Date: 12.Nov. – 19.Nov. 2015
Topic of the Bus: Hardware Agriculture

  •  The region: Southern Africa is where it all started: In 2013, the first Venture Bus in Africa travelled from Harare, Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa.
  • One of the startups developed on that very bus,, has not only won several awards but also received extensive funding and is now fully operating in Lesotho, employing a staff of five.
  • Another startup developed by Venture Bus alumni is currently building up a free WiFi network in Zimbabwe. The well-established startup ecosystem in Southern Africa increases your chances of a quick market entry with your startup developed on the Venture Bus.

What’s happening?

  • Starting in Windhoek (Namibia) you will pass Gaborone (Botswana), Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Beaufort (all South Africa).
  • Visit the creative Fablab Namibia and get ready for a special event at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Jo’burg.
  • The final day will culminate in no less than a pitch at Africa’s biggest IT-Convention, AfricaCOM in Cape Town which will bring in 300+ speakers from the worlds most esteemed tech companies.
  • The focus of the 2015 South Africa Bus is on Agricultural Hardware.
  • You will have the chance to get in touch with local tech and makerspace communities to present, discuss and work on your innovation.

Moroccan Venture Bus
Date: 11. Sept. – 17. Sept. 2015

 The region:

  • Organisations such as the Maroc Numeric Fund invest with institutional funds of $11m USD into the Moroccan startup scene.
  • One of the biggest players in the Moroccan startup economy is OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), the world’s largest exporter of phosphate.
  • OCP’s Entrepreneurship Network is already cooperating with many local experts and stakeholders such as Startup Maroc, Endeavor Morocco, Mowgli Mentoring, and Réseau Maroc Entreprendre.

 What’s happening?

  • The expert organisations working under the umbrella of the OCP Entrepreneurship Network as well as the association Maroc Entrepreneurs are now looking to work with the Ampion Venture Bus.
  • There are plenty of funding opportunities in Morocco for promising business models – learn about the local market on the Ampion Venture Bus and gain a foothold in one of Africa’s most promising and fast-growing economies.
  • The Grand Final will take place at the Shape Africa Conference in Rabat, organised by Global Shapers. It will be the biggest tech conference in the country in 2015.

Apply Now for the Ampion Morrocan Venture Bus

Tunisian Venture Bus
Date: 12.Dec. – 18.Dec. 2015
Topic of the Bus: female empowerment, 100% female participants

The region:

  • Tunisia is a young democracy with a lot of ambition – investment opportunities for tech startups are on a historical all-time high in the country and there is a general feeling of dynamism and positivity towards entrepreneurship.

 What’s happening?

  • This Bus is invariable for Females! If you are a talented female coder, designer or business developer this is your chance to step into the limelight.
  • In cooperation with SUST (startup systeme Tunisie) we get you in touch with Tunisia’s most exciting tech communities.
  • The trip starts in Tunis, visiting Kairouan, Touzeur, Gabes, Sfax and Hamamet to finally finish again in Tunis.
  • The Bus in 2014 in Tunisia was a big success, so expect the locals to welcome you with open arms and to be highly interested in cooperating with you on your startup innovation.

Apply Now for the Ampion Tunisian Venture Bus

Participation fee :

 AMPION raises a participation fee to contribute to covering the costs associated with the trip. (These fees cover only part of the cost; participation is subsidised by our partners and sponsors).

The fee must be paid in advance in order confirm your spot. Please check out the information on the following list to find out about the valid fee for yourself.

                 Profile of Participant                                                            Fees 

                    African passport holder and currently

                    student (proof required)                                                  $50

                    African passport holder & African resident                     $100

                     Non-African resident and currently student

                    (proof required)                                                                   $200

                    Non-African resident                                                          $350

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Ampion Venture Bus Africa 2015


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